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LIVE // CABARET MAXIM invites St. WHAT – Sat 30 April


Guess what you’re looking forward to this holiday?
Let’s dance to the groove of Cabaret Maxim!!

LIVE saxophone/Sopranino improvisations over a deep disco/funky/housy soulful mix is what Cabaret Maxim is.

Our special guest: ST. WHAT [US] rapping over Saxophone and Live Bongos.

50k on the door

// Cabaret Maxim was formed in 2015 when two french friends from childhood, separated for 1 year, met again in Vietnam. It is not the first time they played music together, though, but this time it is different.

Born and raised in Paris, Antoine has been playing drums since he was 14 and is now a 10 year-experienced DJ who started producing music.
Maxime, also a very experienced musician, has been playing saxophone intensely during the past few years and brought his Sopranino from California.


// St. What spits from ancient thrones and ruby-studded platforms in the far reaches of space-time. Born to female wolf in 1296, he survived centuries of feudal warfare in the jade caves of southern China. When he was 6 years old, an entire Girl Scout troupe told him he was dope. He vagabonded through the funky backwaters of New Orleans, Lima, and Jerusalem perfecting his craft, slapping unworthy emcees with or without a microphone. Rumors spread uncontrollably about the true nature of his power, and reports placing deep within the Vatican’s corridors and on the boards of multinational corporations proliferate regularly. Since the late 17th century, dropping gems has been a regular occurrence, like skies that rain diamonds on the moons of Saturn. To the layperson, such radiance is unimaginable, so St. What breaks it down for them in raps.

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